Tulpar Kol lake

Tulpar Kul lake

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Tulpar Kul is a mountain lake in the Alay region of Kyrgyzstan, known for its stunning scenery, surrounded by the Alay Range. The Alay region is renowned for its high mountain landscapes, offering fantastic opportunities for trekking, mountaineering, and experiencing the beauty of nature. Is there something specific you’d like to know about these places?

What activities can I do around Tulpar Kul?

Around Tulpar Kul and the Alay region, there are several activities you can enjoy:

Trekking and Hiking:

The area offers incredible trekking routes with varying difficulty levels. You can explore the shores of Tulpar Kul and venture into the Alay Mountains for multi-day treks.


For more experienced climbers, there are challenging peaks in the Alay Range. Peak Lenin, a popular mountaineering destination, is close by.


The landscapes are breathtaking, making it a paradise for photographers. The lake, mountains, and local nomadic culture provide excellent subjects for stunning pictures.

Cultural Immersion:

Interact with the local Kyrgyz people, experience their nomadic way of life, taste their traditional food, and learn about their customs.

Horseback Riding:

Horse trekking is a popular activity in the region. You can ride through the valleys and mountains, exploring the area in a unique way.


Enjoy the beauty of the area by camping near Tulpar Kul. The starry nights and serene surroundings make for a memorable experience.

Wildlife Watching

The region is home to various wildlife, so keep an eye out for unique birds, marmots, and other mountain animals.

Remember to check weather conditions and prepare adequately for your chosen activities. It’s a remote and beautiful area, but that also means being well-prepared for the conditions you might encounter.


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