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Kazakhstan: World Nomad Games 2024

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Kazakhstan, proudly hosting the 5th World Nomad Games, stands as the largest landlocked country globally and a formidable economic force in Central Asia. Propelled by abundant oil and mineral resources, the nation has undergone a transformative journey, evolving from the expansive steppes into a dominant regional presence.

Beneath the veneer of bustling cities lies a country deeply connected to its historical traditions. Embraced by towering mountains, lush valleys, expansive steppes, and deserts, Kazakhstan unveils itself as a landscape of awe-inspiring natural beauty. Its national parks serve as sanctuaries for rare wildlife, concealing a wealth of historical treasures. Amidst the modern urban tapestry, ancient Silk Road trading routes have left an indelible mark, preserving rich traditions and cultures.

As we embark on an exploration of the country’s natural and historical wonders, it’s worth noting Kazakhstan’s commitment to sustainable practices and environmental preservation. The nation is actively promoting eco-friendly initiatives, ensuring the longevity of its natural treasures.

Our journey culminates with an immersive experience in traditional Central Asian customs and sports at the World Nomad Games. This unique cultural event, held biennially, offers a fascinating blend of ancient practices and contemporary celebrations, providing a glimpse into the region’s vibrant heritage.


Day 1: Almaty

The tour will officially start around lunchtime today in Almaty, giving those who have arrived on the overnight flight the chance to freshen up before taking an afternoon tour of the city. Almaty is Kazakhstan’s largest city and we’ll begin with a walking tour to visit Panfilov Park, before taking in the striking Zenkov Cathedral, which lays claim to being one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world. We’ll also visit the Central Museum and the Independence Monument before driving to Kok-Tobe Mountain, the highest point in the city, to enjoy some breath-taking panoramas of the city.



Day 2: Altyn Emel National Park,Sand Dunes

Departing the city after breakfast this morning, we’ll drive towards Altyn Emel National Park. We’ll first stop en route at the Ili River, famed for the Genghis Khan crossing. We also visit Tamgaly Tas to see traces of the Buddhist past – beautiful images of Buddha and Burhans (Bodhisattvas) painted on the canyon rocks. Continuing our journey to Altyn Emel, we’ll stop to climb the ‘singing sands’ of the Barchan Dunes before heading to a local guesthouse in the village of Basshi, which will be our base for the next two nights.


altyn emel

Day 3:Altyn Emel National Park-Ak Tau,Katu Tau Coloured Mountains

Sandwiched between the Ili River and the Ak-Tau Mountains, the Altyn Emel National Park encompasses some 4,600 square kilometres of largely desert and rock. A uniquely sculpted landscape of ancient volcanoes, it is home to the colourful Katutau Mountains. It is also a haven for a range of wildlife, some of it very rare, including Central Asian gazelles and Turkmenian kulan (wild ass). Following breakfast we’ll set off to fully explore the Ak-Tau and Katutau coloured mountains. There’ll be opportunities for some easy but rewarding walks in the area and we’ll enjoy a picnic lunch before returning to our welcoming guesthouse.



Day 4: Charyn Canyon-Saty-Kolsai Lake

This morning we leave Basshi and drive on towards the Charyn Canyon, located along the Charyn River and close to the Chinese border. Likened to the much larger Grand Canyon, Charyn drops down some 300 metres in parts and is filled with a spectacular collection of colourful formations, including the impressive Valley of Castles where we’ll enjoy a scenic walk. We’ll continue later to the village of Saty where we spend the night. This afternoon we’ll visit the beautiful Kolsai Lake and there’ll be an opportunity here to take a boat trip.



Day 5:Saty-Almaty-Turkestan-Kaindy Lake

We’ll begin the day with a visit to nearby Kaindy Lake. A relatively young natural feature, the lake appeared suddenly in 1911 after an earthquake caused a huge landslide. Improbably turquoise in colour, the lake is famous for its forest of submerged spruce trees which, bizarrely, still retain their foliage. The clear, cold waters make it easy to see the forest and it may be possible to take a boat trip out onto the lake here to see this at close hand. Later we will drive on to Esyk to visit the museum and burial mounds here, where the famous ‘Golden Man’ was discovered. The museum contains a replica and other exhibits of the Scythian period. We then drive back to Almaty, arriving in time to enjoy dinner before we catch the overnight train on to Turkestan.



kaiyndy lake


Day 6:Turkestan: Khoja Yasawi Mausoleum & Ancient City of Sauran

Arriving in Turkestan late this morning, we will have a short time to freshen up and have lunch before visiting the UNESCO site of the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Commissioned by Timur in 1389, it was intended to replace an earlier 12th century mausoleum but remains unfinished. In spite of this, it still draws pilgrims from across Central Asia and is considered one of the best-preserved of all the Timurid constructions. Later this afternoon we drive to the ancient city of Sauran to explore its historical treasures. Returning to Turkestan for the evening, we have a chance to enjoy a traditional Kazakh dinner in the home of a local family.


Day 7: Turkestan - Shymkent: Otrar Ruins, Arystan Bab Mausoleum & Museum Visit

After breakfast today we’ll first drive to the ancient ruins of Otrar and also visit the Arystan Bab Mausoleum before continuing on to Shymkent. The third largest city in Kazakhstan in terms of inhabitant numbers, Shymkent is one of its most ancient cities; founded in the 12th century at the intersection of the trade routes to European Russia, Central Asia, West Siberia and China. This afternoon our sightseeing will begin with one of the best historical museums in Central Asia, which tells the ancient and cultural history of South Kazakhstan. We’ll also have time to visit the thriving market where you can find various local goods and feel the vibe of an Eastern bazaar.


Day 8: Shymkent - Astana: City Tour & 'Golden Man'

Transferring to the airport after breakfast this morning, we fly on to Astana, the capital city, next. Arriving around midday we’ll drive to a local restaurant for lunch, after which we’ll join our guide on a tour of the city. Beginning in the old part of the city, formerly Akmola, we’ll take a walk along the riverside to absorb the city’s astonishing skyline and view some of its most important architectural highlights. A visit to the National Museum then provides a chance to see the famous ‘Golden Man’, before finishing with the remarkable Temple of Peace and Accord and the Nur-Astana Mosque.


DAY 09: Astana: ALZHIR Memorial & Sofievka Village Lunch

Just a short drive out of the city lies the ALZHIR Memorial, a museum founded in 2007 and dedicated to the injustices and hardships faced by the wives of political prisoners during the Soviet era. One of the largest camps in the old Soviet Union, the Akmola Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland was opened in 1938 and once housed more than 18,000 prisoners of 62 different nationalities. Following our visit we then head on to the village of Sofievka, whose residents retain many Kazakh traditions, including eagle hunting. We’ll enjoy a traditional Kazakh lunch, along with musical entertainment and handicraft demonstrations, before driving back to Astana late this afternoon.

DAY 10:Astana: World Nomad Games

Begun in 2024 and held every two years, the World Nomad Games provide an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the rich traditions and cultures of the Central Asian nomads. A colourful gathering of Kyrgyz,Tajiks, Tatars, Uzbeks and Uyghurs, this spectacular festival brings together an array of food, entertainment and sporting prowess that epitomises the tribal peoples of Central Asia, Persia and the Siberian steppes. We will enjoy a full day at the games today.

*Please note that the exact line-up for the World Nomad Games has yet to be published and so the descriptions given are given as guidance. Activities experienced on the day can change.

DAY 11:Astana: World Nomad Games

Another full day of entertainment and culture presents a chance to enjoy traditional wrestling, eagle hunting and the unique sport of kok-buru (headless goat polo!). Begun by the nomadic Turkic people who spread west from China and Mongolia, kok-buru is one of the most chaotic and celebrated of all the sports on offer and involves two teams of riders wrestling for possession of the headless carcass of a goat, which they attempt to deliver across the opposition’s goal line.

*Please note that the exact line-up for the World Nomad Games has yet to be published and so the descriptions given are given as guidance. Activities experienced on the day can change.

DAY 12: Astana(end of the tour)

The tour officially ends after breakfast. Those on the group tour flights will be taken to the airport early this morning.

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