Turkestan range

The Asian Patagonia Trek:11 Days A Thrilling Expedition in Turkestan Mountains

11 Day





Embark on the thrilling and demanding Asian Patagonia Trek, a hidden gem in Kyrgyzstan that unveils the untouched beauty of the Turkestan Mountains in the Pamir Range. This off-the-beaten-track adventure promises a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes, challenging trekking, and immersive nomadic cultural experiences, making it one of Kyrgyzstan’s most alluring and strenuous treks.

Highlights of the The Asian Patagonia Trek:

1.Scenic Mountain Passes:Ascend to Dzhalgychy (3774 m) and Ak Tubek (4,185 m) mountain passes, where the landscape feels otherworldly, offering incredible vistas that will leave you feeling as if you’ve stepped onto another planet.

2.Spectacular Peak Views:Marvel at the stunning snow- and glacier-covered Piramidalnyi Peak (5509 m), Iskander Peak (5120m), Ak Suu (5355m), and Aktubek (5125 m). Each peak stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur, creating an awe-inspiring backdrop for your trek.

3.Floral Delights:Traverse wooded slopes adorned with wildflowers, a dramatic contrast against the towering peaks. This natural tapestry adds a touch of vibrancy to the rugged terrain, creating a visual feast for trekking enthusiasts.

4.Community-Based Tourism:Your journey goes beyond exploration; it contributes to local communities through Community-Based Tourism. Every step you take becomes a meaningful contribution to the well-being and sustainability of the regions you traverse.

The Asian Patagonia Trek is not just a trek; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of Kyrgyzstan’s hidden treasures. Brace yourself for challenges, savor cultural encounters, and let the landscapes unfold their secrets, making this expedition a truly unforgettable experience.

Tour Overview: The Asian Patagonia Trek

Destination: Turkestan Mountains of Pamir Range, southern Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

Accommodation:8 nights camping (tents),2 nights homestay

Trekking Distance: 105 km

Max Elevation: 4,303 meters

Min Elevation: 1400 meters

Total Elevation Gain/Loss: 4435m+ / 4827m-

Months Possible: July – September

Difficulty: Moderate to Demanding

Start/End Point: Osh city

Note: The length of the tour can be adjusted according to your schedule and desired length.

Day 1: Drive to Uzgurush Village in Batken Region, the Starting Point of the Trek

Commence an invigorating drive from Osh city, covering 300 km over 7 hours, to reveal the enchanting beauty of the south Fergana Valley. The road meanders through this picturesque region, adorned with quaint villages that offer a vibrant snapshot of local life.

Cover a distance of 300 km in approximately 7 hours, indulging in a picturesque drive through the charming landscapes of the south of Fergana Valley. Witness the beauty of numerous villages scattered along the route, offering glimpses into the local way of life.

Reach Uzgurush village, a quaint starting point for your adventure. The journey not only brings you closer to nature but also provides insights into the cultural tapestry of the region.

Settle into the warmth of a local homestay, immersing yourself in the hospitality of the community. The homestay offers an authentic experience, allowing you to connect with the traditions and lifestyle of the local residents.

As the sun sets on your first day, savor a delicious dinner, reflecting on the anticipation of the trek that lies ahead. Rest well in the homely atmosphere, for tomorrow promises the beginning of a journey filled with exploration, nature's wonders, and the embrace of Kyrgyzstan's southern charm.

Driving Distance/Time: 300 km / 7 hours

Meals: Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Accommodation: Homestay

Day 2: Uzgurush Village to Ak-Tash Campsite - A Trek Through Nature's Bounty

Embark on a captivating 14 km trek that spans 6-7 hours, leading you from Uzgurush village to the serene Ak-Tash Campsite.

Begin your trek by meandering through local houses adorned with gardens teeming with apples and apricot trees. The sweet aroma and vibrant colors set a picturesque tone for the journey ahead.

Continue the pleasant walk surrounded by wild pistachio trees and walnut orchards, offering a glimpse into the rich natural tapestry beyond the village.

Cross the river and embark on the ascent to the Buldzhuma Pass (2894m). The trail gradually climbs for about 3 hours, unfolding views of the Piramidalnyi peak and the stunning Ak-Tash Valley.

At the pass's pinnacle, marvel at the breathtaking scenery of nearby gorges and the western face of the Piramidalnyi peak. The Ak-Tash Valley reveals its beauty, inviting you to capture the moment.

Descend from the pass, and in the company of the unfolding landscapes, make your way towards the Ak-Tash Campsite (2900m). The campsite, surrounded by nature's tranquility, becomes your haven for the night.

Day 2 promises not just a trek but an immersive journey through orchards, across mountain passes, and into the heart of the Ak-Tash Valley. As the evening settles in, relish a satisfying dinner and the embrace of your camping tent, surrounded by the serenity of the Kyrgyzstan wilderness.

Distance:4 km trekking

Time:6-7 hours trekking

Meals:Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Accommodation:Camping (tent)

Ascent:1633 m

Descent:64 m

Day 3: Traverse Dzhalgychy Pass (3774m) – Orto Chashma Valley – Campsite (3100m) - A Day of Peaks and Valleys

Embark on a day of exploration, covering 13 km in 7-8 hours from the Dzhalgychy Pass to the captivating campsite in the Orto Chashma Valley.

Wind through the Ak-Tash river, navigating a steep and scree-covered trail leading to the Dzhalgychy Pass (3774m) over 3 hours. Encounter local shepherds tending to their livestock, adding a touch of authenticity to your journey.

At Dzhalgychy Pass, revel in a breathtaking spectacle of the rugged Turkestan Mountains. Witness the western face of Piramidalnyi Peak (5509m) and Turo Pass (4525m), creating a mesmerizing vista.

Descend from the pass to a gorge, spending 2 hours to reach a perfect spot for a well-deserved lunch. Allow the beauty of your surroundings to enhance the flavors of your meal.

Continue the adventure with a trek to another nameless pass, dedicating 2 hours to witness the scenic Orto Chashma Valley and the majestic Turo Pass (4525m) from its summit.

Descend along a stream until reaching the confluence of two rivers. Cross the bridge, turn right, and find your campsite (2800m) nestled in the captivating Orto Chashma gorge. Surrounded by juniper trees, this serene location is your home for the night.

Day 3 unfolds as a symphony of landscapes, from challenging passes to picturesque valleys, offering a true taste of Kyrgyzstan's untamed beauty. As the day concludes, dine under the stars and retire to your camping tent, enveloped by the tranquility of Orto Chashma.

Distance: 13 km trekking

Time: 7-8 hours trekking

Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Accommodation: Camping (tent)

Ascent: 1408 m

Descent: 1580 m

Day 4: Conquer the Kosh Moinok Pass (3260m) and the Kara Suu Pass (3790m) – Campsite in Karavshin Valley (2800m) - Peaks and Valleys Unveiled

Day 4 is a testament to the challenges and rewards of trekking in Kyrgyzstan, where every step reveals a new facet of the Turkestan Mountains. As the day draws to a close, relish a hearty dinner and unwind in the tranquility of your camping tent, nestled in the heart of Karavshin Valley.

Navigate a winding trail through a juniper forest, leading you to the first challenge of the day, the Koshmoinok Pass. Spend 3-4 hours enveloped in the beauty of the landscape, passing by a cool spring and reaching the foot of the Kara Suu Pass (3760m).

Undertake the ascent to the Kara Suu Pass, navigating a steeper trail for approximately 1 hour. Marvel at the snowcapped rocky peaks of the Turkestan Mountains, including the north-western faces of Kotin (4521 m) and Kreshenie Rusi (4507 m).

At the summit of Kara Suu Pass, indulge in the breathtaking vistas of the snow-kissed peaks, a reward for your trekking endeavors.

Descend from the pass and cross the Kara Suu River, immersing yourself in the untouched beauty of the surroundings.

Reach the vast Karavshin Valley and settle into the campsite (2800m), surrounded by the grandeur of nature.

Distance:10 km trekking

Time: 6 – 7 hours trekking

Meals:Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Accommodation:Camping (tent)

Ascent: 1083 m

Descent:1020 m

Day 5: Trek to the Base of Piramidalnyi Peak (5509m) – Return to Camp - A Journey to Majestic Heights

Day 5 is a testament to the splendor of Kyrgyzstan's mountainous terrain, where each step unfolds a new chapter in the story of Turkestan Range. As evening descends, dine amidst the breathtaking backdrop and find solace in the comfort of your camping tent, nestled in the heart of this remarkable landscape.

Hike up to the foot of Piramidalnyi Peak (5509m), the towering giant of the Turkestan Range. The trail winds under the majestic peaks of Kyrkchilta (4507m), Asan (4230m), Usen (4378m), and Odessa Peak (4810m). The panoramic views unfold as you progress, with every step bringing new dimensions to the landscape.

Traverse the glacier to reach the foothills of Piramidalnyi Peak, absorbing the grandeur of the surroundings. Enjoy a moment of serenity and marvel at the sheer magnificence of the highest peak in the Turkestan Range.

After relishing the views, retrace your path on the same road, soaking in the landscapes once more. As you head back to the campsite, reflect on the accomplishment of standing at the base of Piramidalnyi Peak.

Distance:10.3 km trekking

Time:6 – 7 hours trekking

Meals:Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Accommodation:Camping (tent)

Ascent:599 m

Descent:547 m

Day 6: Journey Back to the Campsite in Orto Chashma Valley (2800m) - A Homeward Trek

Day 6 is a nostalgic journey, bringing you back to a place that holds the echoes of your earlier days on this expedition. As night falls, savor a delicious dinner amidst the familiar surroundings and retire to your camping tent, surrounded by the tranquility of Orto Chashma Valley.

Hike back over the Kara Suu and Kosh Moinok passes, retracing the trails previously conquered. Feel a sense of accomplishment as you navigate these familiar paths, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Turkestan Mountains.

Arrive at the campsite in Orto Chashma Valley, the same serene spot where you rested on the third day of your adventure. Find solace in the lush surroundings and towering peaks that mark the far southern end of the valley.

Enjoy a well-deserved rest in this familiar landscape, reflecting on the incredible journey undertaken over the past days. Let the beauty of the valley and the memories of your treklinger as you prepare for a tranquil night in your camping tent.

Distance:10 km trekking

Time:6 – 7 hours trekking

Meals:Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Accommodation:Camping (tent)

Ascent:1083 m

Descent:1020 m

Day 7: Traverse Orto Chashma River and Ak-Tubek Gorge to Camp Below Ak-Tubek Pass - Exploring Nature's Tapestry

Day 7 unfolds as a journey through diverse landscapes, from riverbanks to dense forests, culminating in a campsite that offers panoramic views of Orto Chashma Valley. As night descends, dine under the stars and retire to your camping tent, surrounded by the serenity of nature's tapestry.

Begin your journey along the Orto Chashma River, meandering through a forest of silver birch. Absorb the tranquility of the surroundings as the river accompanies you on your trek.

Reach the confluence with Ak-Tubek Gorge and cross the bridge, marking a transition in your route. Turn right and head towards the foot of Ak Tubek Pass, anticipating the scenic wonders that lie ahead.

Traverse the gentle trails that wind through a juniper forest before reaching a shepherd's house. Embrace the natural beauty surrounding you as the trails guide you through this enchanting landscape.

As the trails disappear into the slope of the mountains, ascend to the foot of Ak Tubek Pass, where you'll set up camp. Take a moment to relish the vast views of Orto Chashma Valley from this elevated vantage point.

Distance: 7.5 km trekking

Time: 5 – 6 hours trekking

Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Accommodation: Camping (tent)

Ascent: 875 m

Descent:19 m

Day 8: Conquer Ak Tubek Pass (4303m) and Descend to Ak Suu Valley (2800m) - Peaks and Valleys Symphony

Day 8 is a crescendo in your adventure, reaching the pinnacle of Ak Tubek Pass and descending to the serenity of Ak Suu Valley. As night falls, relish a well-deserved dinner and find solace in your camping tent amidst the lush embrace of nature.

Begin your ascent directly from the camp towards Ak Tubek Pass, a challenging yet rewarding journey lasting 2 hours. As you ascend, turn around to marvel at the panoramic views of Orto Chashma Valley, a reminder of the terrain conquered.

Reach the summit of Ak Tubek Pass (4390m), where your efforts are generously rewarded with stunning views of lush valleys, rocky formations, and glacial peaks in all directions. Allow the grandeur of the surroundings to captivate your senses.

Embark on a long descent along scree slopes towards Ak Suu Valley. While the trail is at times steep, it doesn't pose technical difficulties. Enjoy the captivating views of Iskander (5120 m), Petrogradez (5165 m), Admiralteez (5090 m), Ak – Suu (5355 m), A.Block (5229 m),and Aktubek (5125 m) Peaks as you descend.

Arrive in the vibrant greenery of Ak Suu Valley, following the river to set up camp. Let the tranquility of this valley, adorned with the beauty of Ak Suu River, embrace you.

Distance: 11.6 km trekking

Time: 5 – 6 hours trekking

Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)
Accommodation: Camping (tent)
Ascent: 779 m
Descent: 1444 m


Day 9: Expedition to the Foot of Ak-Suu Peak (5355m) - A Himalayan Encounter

Day 9 marks the zenith of your adventure, bringing you face to face with the Himalayan beauty of Ak-Suu Peak. As night descends, dine under the celestial canopy and find serenity in your camping tent, surrounded by the echoes of this extraordinary encounter with nature.

Commence your trek along the river from the camp, progressing to the steep moraine, and finally reaching the glaciers. Traverse the heart of the Pamir–Alay Mountains, surrounded by the awe-inspiring landscapes that lead to the pyramid-shaped Ak-Suu Peak (5355m).

Stand in the presence of the magnificent Ak-Suu Peak, where its north face stretches nearly 2 km, presenting the world's most challenging climbing routes for ambitious mountaineers. Marvel at the snow-capped grandeur and the unique pyramid shape that defines the peak.

Absorb the panoramic views of surrounding peaks such as Iskander (5120m), Petrogradez (5165m), Admiralteez (5090m), and A.Block (5229m), adding layers of flavor to your journey to Ak-Suu Peak.

After immersing in the breathtaking mountain views, trace your steps back to the camp, retracing the same path that brought you to this Himalayan spectacle.

Distance: 12 km trekking
Time: 6 – 7 hours trekking
Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)
Accommodation: Camping (tent)
Ascent: 878 m
Descent: 826 m

Day 10: Homeward Bound - Trek to Uzgurush Village along Ak-Mechet River

Day 10 marks the conclusion of your trek, offering a gentle descent along the Ak-Mechet River and a return to the embrace of Uzgurush Village. As you settle into the traditional homestay, cherish the memories of this transformative adventure and the camaraderie forged along the trails of Kyrgyzstan.

Begin the last day of your trek with a gentle journey along the banks of the Ak-Mechet River. Traverse a picturesque green gorge, allowing the soothing sound of the river to accompany you on your homeward-bound adventure.

As you draw closer to Uzgurush Village, witness the emergence of pistachio and walnut orchards, signaling your proximity to the village. The familiar sights bring a sense of nostalgia as you approach the end of your remarkable trek.

Conclude your trek at Uzgurush Village, where the warmth of a traditional homestay awaits. Relax and unwind, reflecting on the incredible journey through the diverse landscapes of the Pamir–Alay Mountains.

Distance: 16.3 km trekking
Time: 6 – 7 hours trekking
Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)
Accommodation: Camping (tent)
Ascent: 48 m
Descent: 1484 m

Day 11: Homeward Journey - Transfer to Osh City

Day 11 marks the conclusion of your expedition, transitioning from the rugged trails to the comforts of Osh city. As you settle into your hotel, take a moment to reflect on the diverse landscapes, cultural encounters, and the indelible experiences that have enriched your journey through the heart of Kyrgyzstan.

After a hearty breakfast, bid farewell to the picturesque Uzgurush Village as you embark on a 7-hour drive back to Osh city via Batken region. Traverse the familiar landscapes, reminiscing about the remarkable trekking journey through the Pamir–Alay Mountains.

Enjoy the scenic drive through Batken region, savoring the last glimpses of the captivating landscapes that accompanied you on your trekking adventure. The journey back to Osh city provides a reflective pause, allowing you to appreciate the vastness and beauty of the Kyrgyzstan terrain.

As you arrive in Osh city, the endpoint of your adventure, relish the sense of accomplishment and the memories created during the trek. Check into your hotel, where comfort awaits after the challenging yet rewarding trekking journey.

Distance: 7 hours driving



  • English-speaking trekking guide
  • Cook
  • Shared accommodation in homestays 2 nights (Note: 3-5 person shared rooms in homestays)
  • All meals as indicated in itinerary*
  • Transport from/to Osh, Kyrgyzstan
  • Luggage service up to 15 kg/person (via horse)
  • Horseman
  • Personal meals
  • Border permit for the Batken region(note: last-minute border permit requests require a surcharge)
  • Tent, cooking dishes, gas, etc

Please let us know in advance if you are vegetarian/vegan or if you have food allergies.

  • Hotel and meals in Osh, Kyrgyzstan before and after the tour ends
  • Drinking water
  • Services outside of the standard program
  • Tips
  • Travel and Health Insurance
  • Flights or other domestic/international transport
  • Sleeping bag, mat

1 people = $ 2300 per person

2 people = $ 1850 per person

3 people = $ 1650 per person

4 people = $ 1400 per person

5 people = $ 1350 per person

6,7,8,people = $ 1200 per person


1200 $/person

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